Lets make the dream prepress flow come true with FUJIFILM.


Would you like to try switching to processless with FUJIFILM?

FUJIFILM has successfully overcome the challenges of the processless plates in the past by the innovative technology. Ultimate processless plate SUPERIA ZX will provide the dream prepress flow to the customer.

Fast Output

Due to Print Control Layer Technology, output speed and the stability is at an amazing level.This performance will contribute to reducing waste paper & ink. Also will contribute to increasing press utilization rate.

Higher Durability

Due to Extreme Adhesive Bonding Technology, run length
has increased dramatically.This performance will stably provide high printing quality even on the long run jobs.

Better Visibility

Due to High Color Generation Technology, image visibility
on the plate has improved. This performance will enable the customer to check the information on the plate easily, preventing the mistakes on site.

Robust Scratch-Resistance

Processless Gumming Technology will prevent the ink stains caused from scratches, by hydrophilizing the surface of the aluminum. This performance will enable the customer to handle the plates without any stress.

SUPERIA ZX Key Technology
Presenting the structure and effects of innovative Key Technology in the SUPERIA ZX.
SUPERIA ZX Customer Interview
Presenting the raw voice of the customer in USA that has tested SUPERIA ZX. The customer has shared with us their first impression on SUPERIA ZX.
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