Aquatic Inkjet Digital Press “Jet Press FP790”
Introduced in the flexible packaging printing market.

Jet Press FP790

Fujifilm has newly developed the Jet Press FP790, a water-based inkjet digital press for flexible packaging that achieves both high print quality and environmental friendliness as a solution for short to medium-run, a wide variety of products, and short delivery times.

conscious design

It employs environmentally friendly water-based primer and water-based inkjet technology and can be used for food soft packaging printing. The laminating, slitting, and bag-making processes can be processed in the same way as existing analog printing. The platemaking process is unnecessary, and waste ink and rails can also be drastically reduced.

High productivity
for short to mid-run

The maximum substrate width is 790mm and the printing line speed is 50 meters per minute. Switch printing jobs and design adjustments can be made within a minimum of 10 minutes. It has productivity that can complement existing production facilities, which contributes to improving the production efficiency of the entire plant.

Wide color gamut
and high concealability

Achieved a 90% coverage ratio on PANTONE color charts with CMYK ink. The maximum color concentration also exceeds the existing analog printing, thereby enhancing the eye catch of products. White inkjets are equipped with two head bars, which ensure high light concealability.

JetPress FP790 Introduction Video
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